AEG Rewards Launch!

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April 16th, 2018: AEG Rewards Launch!

Aqua Energy Group are pleased to announce the launch of our new client loyalty program- AEG Rewards!

Each time you purchase with Aqua Energy Group, you will receive points, which will be added monthly to your AEG Rewards account. These points can be spent immediately or can be accumulated over time to purchase more ‘expensive’ items.

We have everything from home appliances, the latest technology, workshop gear, sportswear, cameras (including drones) and outdoor activities and appliances.

Points, unless specified otherwise, will be awarded to the Director/Owner of each eligible business and can be used to purchase something for the office (a new coffee machine perhaps?) provide gifts for EOFY to clients or staff, or can be used as Christmas presents/bonuses for members of your team.

This rewards program has launched today (Monday 16th April) and we hope you enjoy it!

You must be a current and approved AEG Account Holder (not Hunter Pumps) to qualify. You will receive a welcome email when you have been approved for an account.

Visit aegrewards.com.au to explore or sign up!